15. October, 2016

L-Tek development partner in TIGR4smart and GOSTOP

Accompanied by its innovative development solutions, L-tek Ltd. has been recognised as a competent development partner by as many as two out of a total of nine selected consortia for the implementation of programs in priority fields where Slovenia has long-term potential for successfully penetrating the global markets and a more successful and complete integration into global value chains.

It involves the implementation of research and development programmes that link the academic sphere and the economy, combining knowledge and competencies for the development of new products, services and processes, and the use of new technologies in priority fields: smart cities and communities, smart buildings and wood chain homes, networks for the transition to a circular economy, sustainable food production, factories of the future, health-medicine, mobility and the development of materials as final products.

L-tek Ltd. participates in the programmes TIGR4Smart – Sustainable and innovative construction for smart buildings (priority fields: smart buildings and wood chain homes) and GOSTOP – Building blocks, tools and systems for factories of the future (priority field: factories of the future). Find out more about individual programmes in the documents attached and open the following link to read about the method of selecting programmes that show the concentration of knowledge and competencies, and scientific and technological excellence: